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Step into the future of Contamination Control & Environmental Monitoring Systems with Brookhaven Instruments!

Brookhaven Instruments supplies Facility Monitoring Systems, Portable Particle Counters, Filter Test Solutions, Sterilization Equipment, Microbial Air Samplers, Validation & Measurement Services. Our main areas for these products are within the Life Science, Hospital, Tissue Bank, Electronics & Food Industry. We have served the Nordic and Baltic countries with this kind of instruments and systems since 1993. Our main goal is to be a turnkey supplier with design, installation, validation, training and maintenance services.
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Do you use nano membrane filters for your drinking water production?

Verify the integrity of the filter with an on-line particle counter.

A real time measurement using the Lighthouse liquid particle counter on the permeate after the nano membrane filter verifies that there are no ruptured filter fibers or leakage.

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Products & Services

We can help you with finding the most suited product for your application. Particle certification according to new ISO 14644-1, Continuous Monitoring of critical parameters according to EU GMP Annex1, Sterilization of your clean room with VHP, Routine microbial air sampling or Filter test according to ISO 14644-3.


We deliver many types of instruments and equipment like particle counters for applications in Clean Room, Liquid & Filter testing, Microbial Air Samplers and Sterilization equipment.

We have aerosol particle counters from 0,1µm size channels and the flow starts at 2.83L/min up to 100L/min dependent on your application.

For liquids we can offer Batch Sampling instruments to meet USP 788 & EP 2.9.19 requirements.
For on-line measurements we offer instruments from nano to micrometers particle sizes.

You can choose between the classic Sieve method where you pull the air straight onto the agar plate through an fixed impactor head or an Slit to agar sampler where the air is pulled through a single slit in the impactor head onto an rotating agar plate or why not combine both in one instrument.

Real-Time Viable Particle Counter offers best-in-class features and versatility in the exciting new field of real time airborne viable particle detection. The particle counter detects total and viable particle counts in real time and incorporates TSI field proven, patented Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF) technology to determine particle viability. TSI’s Real-Time Viable Particle Counter combines viable particle detection, total particulate detection, and integrated particle collection functionality into a single portable instrument.

If you are in need of de-contamination of your clean room or other areas we offer different solutions to achieve an 3-6 log reduction of microbial contamination using Gas or Dry fog in the area to be de-contaminated.

The range of filter test equipment we can offer is extensive, Aerosol Photmeters, Aerosol Generators, Scanning probes and more. We probably have what you are looking for when it comes to integrity testing of filters in production or final installation applications.

Monitoring Systems

If you wish to monitor critical parameters within your Clean Room or Controlled Areas such as: Particles, Microorganisms, Differential pressure, Temperature and Humidity, VHP, Conductivity then we can design a system that fits your needs. We give you a turnkey solution with complete design & validation documents according to GAMP5. We have our own installation personnel that will complete your project in time.

Validation & Measurement

We perform various types of clean room test and validation services like : Filter test, particle counting, microbial air sampling, air flow measurements. VHP sterilization.

Service & Calibration

We offer calibration and service on our particle, microbial and environmental instruments & sensors. We also calibrate a wide range of other brands. Calibration of your instrument can be performed on site if you wish. We offer calibration according to the new ISO 21501-4 for particle counters.

Calibration & repair service order

Does your old Particle Counter weigh too much?

Step into the future with Brookhaven

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